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Friends of ours recently ventured into the home single serve coffee market through the purchasing of their first machine for home. And they jumped into, boots and all by buying a near top of the line Delonghi Lattissima Pro Coffee Machine. Not what most of us would consider an entry model machine for most of us – and Im not sure what it might say about your personality. We stated out with our trusted little red, a Dolce Gusto – which has served us well. A simple machine, not much can go wrong with them, and the coffee …

Espresso and Cappuccino Machine Review

If you are looking for a very affordable, and entry level type espresso and cappuccino maker, the Capresso 303.01 is a perfect fit for you. This machine is perfect for people wanting to create their own tasty coffee from their very own homes. Whether you are completely new to the concept of brewing your own coffee style drinks at home, or if you are an aspiring barista, you can make great tasting drinks in a cinch.

We know from talking with our readers that many people have gone down the single serve coffee brewer route, with brands like …

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Caffeine

Maybe you are one of the 165 million Americans’ that consumes a caffeinated beverage everyday, but I bet there are a couple of things about caffeine that you are unaware of.

• The International Olympic Committee banned caffeine in Olympic competitions.

Due to caffeine’s advantage’s proven advantages in sport performance it has caused some athletes to be stripped of their metals due to increase levels of caffeine in their systems. The Committee continues to assess their views on caffeine, but they do believe that it gives athletes a noticeable enhancement and continues to be a source of debate in …

What Does Your Coffee Drink Say about Your Personality?

54% of American’s over the age of 18 consume a coffee beverage on a daily basis. The more specialty coffee shops that arrive on the scene, the more variety a consumer have in their daily coffee choices. Whether you frequent the local coffee shop for a flavored latte, or brew instant coffee while rushing out the door on your way to work; your daily coffee choice is often a reflection of your personality type.

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Various Types of Cappuccino

Americans have come to appreciate the famous Italian drink, the Cappuccino. It has become a favorite drink among specialty coffee drinkers, and there are many different ways that the Italian coffee drink can be enjoyed along with its traditional preparation.

Traditional Cappuccino

• 1/3 foam
• 1/3 Steamed Milk
• 1/3 Espresso

The Traditional Cappuccino is served hot and includes a shot of espresso, which is then topped with steamed milk. The milk is next topped with foam. The Traditional Cappuccino includes an even third split with espresso, milk, and foam.

Cappuccino Chiaro (Light Cappuccino)

• ¼ foam…

Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Percolator Review

Italians are well known for their wonderful coffee brewing skills. When it comes to making coffee of all types, they are considered the best at what they do. For people that are looking to create their own Italian styled coffee, there is no better way than to use the Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Percolator . This espresso maker is created by Italians, and the Bialetti brand is a well-known and trusted brand for making the best in stovetop products.

Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Percolator Sizes

There are two different sizes of the Bialetti stovetop espresso percolator available. There is the …

Best Commercial Espresso Machine

Never underestimate the selling power of good coffee. Even in the trying times off these economic conditions, people will still shell out a few bucks for a great coffee or espresso drink, and independent coffee shops have been springing up across the country to compete with the likes of larger chains like Starbucks. One thing you should always consider when planning on entering the brewing business is getting one of the best commercial espresso machines that you can.

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